Why Explainer Videos Are Important

Explainer videos serve a multitude of purposes for many different businesses. Like we’ve mentioned in the past, these videos are one of our favorite examples on how to explain a topic or idea in a short amount of time. These videos are typically one to two minutes long of engaging and informative information.  After all, the average attention span of a person is about 8 seconds these days, so it’s best to keep them short and sweet.

Explainer videos allow you to showcase an idea, process, or concept in a way that is as technical and precise; or go another route and make it as high level or story-like as you want. Many clients prefer a specific aesthetic, so these can either be a handy how-to video or even a “why this?” video. Another great thing about these videos is that they can present brands or products in a way that is explanatory but succinct and can be entertaining as well.

One key thing to remember is that you should make sure you’re grabbing the viewers attention within the first 5-10 seconds, otherwise, they may not continue to watch causing them to leave your site. Figuring out ways to make your video compelling and fun is part of why these videos are great to create. Questions to ask yourself before moving forward might be “Why would someone want to watch my video?, “What is my goal?,” “What problem will this solve for my viewer?”, or “How can I make this video stand out among my competitor’s videos?” Once you can answer those questions, then you can start creating your video.

Explainer videos help clarify an objective as opposed to writing it out via text, too. Sometimes it is difficult to imagine a specific objective just from reading about it, so why not watch it instead? It’s not only easier to understand, but it is also engaging and you are less likely to forget it. We know that a lot of people watch and share content from their phones, so, the easier it is to share, the better.

As far as social media goes, video tends to perform much better as opposed to just text or a single image. Videos drive engagement, and that is ultimately what the goal is.

Not only do these videos help increase engagement with your brand, but they also help increase conversion rates which is the ultimate goal.

Think you need an explainer video? We can help! Let’s uncover the story you want to tell in 2 minutes or less.