Should You Hire a Contractor or an Agency?

If you’ve ever been in a situation and you’re not sure whether it’s best to hire a contractor or an agency, we are here to help you navigate the pros and cons of each. There are specific questions one must ask before committing to one over the other for one-off projects or ongoing projects.

Contractors are great for many reasons. Often times, their overhead cost is significantly lower than if you were to hire an agency. Contractors often will have left a full-time gig to pursue their own endeavor, so you can usually be assured that he or she is very knowledgeable about the subject matter you are hiring them for. If you’re on a time crunch, this might be a great option as it often takes less time to onboard a contractor over an agency. Contractors can usually begin the assignment within a couple of days, whereas, with an agency, it can take a couple of weeks to fully begin the project.

On the other hand, this could possibly limit their capabilities as contractors are hired to complete a project within their wheelhouse. However, the scope of said project could easily evolve into something more which could be outside of their line of work.

This is an example of when an agency would be a better route to take. Full-service agencies can handle most projects in-house, making it easier to widen the scope of a project. They are also a great option if you don’t have the right tools for a project, as agencies often have what is necessary to get your project done. After all, they likely work on projects similar to the one you are looking to complete.

There is always a certain risk you take when hiring a contractor. You may not know their work ethic or how well he or she can get the job done. However, if your contractor has a great set of references and examples of his or her work, the better. Agencies will already have an existing reputation that can easily be found before committing to a project.

In short, there is really no right or wrong answer as to whether or not you should hire an agency or a contractor. To make the choice, you need to think about your goals and the potential for expansion into another line of work. If you think the scope of work could easily change, it might be best to hire an agency over a contractor. If you think there is only one need with a specific set of skills, then a contractor is the right direction for you.

Do you have an upcoming project coming through the pipeline? Are you not sure whether or not you need an agency or a contractor’s assistance? We can help point you in the right direction.