When to Use Animation Videos vs Live Videos

Here at SnapShot, we create all sorts of videos for our clients. Each video created has its own individual purpose and whatever that purpose may be, we help select whether an animation or a live video will work best. Both are great options, of course, however, sometimes it’s best to use one over the other.

Animated videos can take a bit longer to create as everything is made from scratch. Live videos, on the other hand, can take a couple hours to a couple days to get the footage needed. You can also edit or re-shoot live videos much more quickly; whereas with animation, you’d have to re-create the imagery, script, and cinematography each time depending on the edits.

Animation Videos

We recommend using animation videos to explain a specific process, how-to instruction, or even to explain a complex idea. We’ve come to find that it is easier to illustrate specific points rather than have someone describe it as that can occasionally draw up confusion. If you are a very visual person, then animation can help catch the viewer’s eye and keep their attention.

Animated videos also help trigger certain emotions from the audience. It’s easy to make people laugh with animation, because, well, they can be funny.  You are in control of the script, what the animation looks like, the music, and so on and so forth. We created an animation video for Direct General around pleasant surprises, so we came up with a few videos that were unexpected to their audience in 15 seconds or less. In short, animations are a great option when you need to explain something in a short amount of time or to explain an otherwise “boring” concept.

Live Videos

If you want to emphasize who you are as a company or share a real story, live videos might be the way to go. Live videos are a great way to show off a location or an event, such as this kickboxing video we created. If you want to highlight a company’s culture or office space, this might be the better option. These type of videos can seem more authentic to an audience and gather a personal feel.

If you are on a time crunch, a live video might be the answer here as well, as they can typically have a shorter turn-around time.

When in doubt, remember to always think about your audience, the message you want to convey, and the time you have available. This could also help you to determine which avenue to pursue when it comes to an animation or live video. Animation videos are great if you have an idea you want to explain in a short amount of time, while live videos are great if the goal is to communicate something personal or present a relatable idea.

Not sure if you should use an animation or live video for your next project? Just ask us! We would love to discuss what your next idea is.