3 Reasons You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

Imagine yourself as an architect that just landed a massive job constructing a mansion. The excitement you feel about this new project compels you to start building right away. You grab your tools and your team and dive headfirst into your job. Amidst your excitement, you disregard creating a blueprint. As time goes on and the mansion starts to take form, you realize the mansion you are entrusted to build looks nothing like you envisioned. In a panic, you realize that there is no cohesiveness among the mansion’s different elements because there was no strategy or guidance among your team in the beginning. Parts of your mansion look completely different from the rest. Most importantly, you realize there is no sturdy structure in the foundation of the mansion, and your heart sinks; you know the most important element of creating a beautiful mansion is crafting a solid, strategic foundation which supports the entirety of your building.

Believe it or not, your business’ digital marketing is a lot like building a mansion. As a mansion requires blueprints, attention to detail, and a committed team that share the same vision, your digital marketing strategy needs a solidified game plan, cohesive marketing elements, and a dedicated team. If you do not have a clear strategy and clear goals which guide the entirety of your digital marketing efforts when starting to craft a digital marketing campaign for your business, your marketing efforts can fall apart. Like a builder following blueprints for a project, your digital marketing strategy is your blueprint for your digital marketing efforts; it is imperative for your business to follow a digital marketing strategy like it is essential for builders to follow blueprints. If you don’t believe us, here are three reasons why you need a digital marketing strategy for the success of your digital marketing.

To Stand Out
The digital landscape is a competitive, oversaturated market, and if you do not have a strategy for your marketing efforts, you will not be seen. We live in an age where digital media is king. In our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google ruled world, businesses have joined the influx of social activity as many of their customers and potential customers have an online presence. If your company is not intentionally thinking through how to interact with your customers and potential customers online, it is more than likely that they will not see any of your marketing materials. Think through what will resonate with your target market. Think about the type of content that engages current and potential customers. You want to put purpose behind your spend; make sure you know exactly how every dollar will influence your digital marketing efforts.

To Connect To Your Audience
One of the most powerful things about digital marketing is the opportunity to interact with customers directly. With a digital interface, it allows for two-way communications between two parties: the buyer and the seller. Businesses can respond to customers questions and complaints, and customers have the ability and power to ask questions and issue complaints. Before the digital age, marketers had to rely on traditional, nonpersonal avenues to reach their customers. These technological advancements paved a pathway to the hearts of consumers. Digital connect allows businesses to build trust among consumers. When consumers trust businesses, they are more likely to give trusted businesses their business. If your company has a digital marketing strategy in place, it increases your chances of building trust and communication between your target audience because you are intentionally pursuing them; intentionality always builds customer trust which pays off in the long run.

To Measure Results
Unlike traditional forms of marketing, like radio advertisements, printed material, and mailers, digital marketing allows businesses to measure the success of different marketing campaigns. The more measurable a campaign, the more data companies collect. Based on the success of different campaigns, companies can determine what works for their customers and what doesn’t. That way they can do more of what is proven to work and less of what is not working. Digital marketing strategies fuel the success rate of digital marketing because your company is actively tracking and creating marketing materials which resonate with your customers. If by chance your company creates materials that are not seeing results, your team can adjust their strategy and measure the effects of a new altered strategy. Tracking digital marketing efforts is attractive to businesses, and when you add the strategy behind measurability, it’s a no-brainer.

Digital marketing strategies prove their worth. With a digital marketing strategy, your business connects with your online audience and stands out in a crowded online space. You are able to connect with your customers and potential customers accurately, and all of your digital marketing efforts are measurable and effective. Digital marketing strategies form the foundation of your online marketing. They act as your blueprints for success in a digital realm. Because we are a digital agency, we know the value of having and implementing a digital marketing strategy. We have a knowledgeable and competent digital strategy team, and if you have any questions regarding digital strategy, we’d love to chat!