Our Favorite Development Projects of 2018

Per our last blog, the month of December we are writing about our favorite projects from 2018. This week, our focus is on our website development projects. Our web team worked hard this year to get several projects out the door and even won some awards while doing so. We’ve outlined five projects we think deserve some extra recognition and are looking forward to what we have the opportunity to work on in 2019.


Qualifacts is a leading web-based application and services company in the healthcare industry. The Qualifacts website is not only beautifully designed, but the UI is organized around persona-based, targeted information being served up depending on user interactions and browsing habits. 

Asahi Kasei Website
Asahi Kasei wanted a clean, simple design and interface. Think clean, crystal clear water as the inspiration behind this one. The site design is also around the client’s beautiful imagery and SnapShot’s handmade illustrations. There is a high level of detail put into each page to coincide with the Asahi Kasei company philosophy of providing a high level of engineering and quality.

TN Score

TN Score’s website is a branded-based design that focuses on education for children. A great effort was made to simplify the content, UI, and design focusing on resources they can provide for educators.

Ponder & Co Corporate Website

Ponder & Co wanted a website rebuild that would get them away from the dark colors to a new bright, clean feel. We added a bunch of simple animations to complement and add focus to the clean simple styling. The video on entry tells the story of what they do quickly in a series of vignettes while also being conscious of SEO optimization.

Girl Scouts Middle Tennessee

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee website seems simple and straightforward but on closer examination, you find a very complex amount of information. The design and UI were purposely designed to not overwhelm the user with the amount of information. The site was successfully designed equally for children and adults in mind to navigate through information with an intuitive interface.

Each of these projects tells a different story, and we look forward to what stories we get to help communicate through web development in the future. If you are in need of a website build or need assistance in sprucing up your current site, give us a call.