Our Favorite Digital Strategy Projects of 2018

Our newest department, the Digital Strategy department, launched earlier this year, and has since worked with clients big and small on their digital marketing initiatives. Some were all inclusive within our department, but most required collaboration through our agency. While our digital strategy teams focus on marketing efforts such as SEO, social media strategy, content strategy, email marketing, and SEM, we work in a collaborative nature to create all content necessary for our clients’ holistic digital initiates in-house!  There are a few projects that stand out to us that deserve some recognition, so we wanted to highlight those here.

Email Marketing:

Ziegler Cat

This email was part of a larger 3-part drip campaign that consisted of a ‘Save the Date’, an official ‘Invitation” and a ‘Don’t Forget’ piece that were all A/B tested through different subject lines and messaging. Aesthetically, the clean graphics coupled with the dark theme and yellow accents looked really sleek while a couple different CTAs and the ‘add to calendar’ functionality invited users to engage no matter their interest level. The email campaign resulted in us surpassing the client’s event registration goal and day-of-event attendance and machine sales.

Social Media Advertising


BestFlag is an e-commerce company that sells indoor and outdoor promotional products, flags included, of course.  We launch several ads for BestFlag, all with different objectives (see one of our previous blog posts about ad objectives here), such as traffic and conversion-focused ads.

The objective for this ad was conversions/purchases. This ad ran for a month and resulted in a 10:1 media spend to revenue ROI. 

We also ran traffic ads that were targeted to specific audiences, such as those in the hospitality industry and those that are a part of religious organizations. BestFlag created specific landing pages for these audiences, featuring products that those people would want to purchase for their organization or business, such as a pop-up banner, parking sign, or custom tent. For this traffic ad, we used one of the video testimonials from an actual church that the client worked with highlighting how durable the products were, and why they love them and our audience was, of course, the religious affiliated audience. 

Account Based Marketing

DWP Live

Our client, DWP Live is an event production agency that specializes in both large and small events. They came to us looking to assist in opening the doors to high-value accounts in specific industries. For this, we created a multi-faceted account based marketing campaign on LinkedIn where we targeted named accounts in industries such as automotive, healthcare, manufacturing and technology. We were able to create industry specific images and messaging for each industry and client that directed back to their own personalized landing pages. The example below is for the automotive ad we ran, leading people to an auto-focused landing page outlining the ways that DWP helps clients in that specific industry.

Lead Forms:
Interactive vs. Traditional

Hot Springs Spas of Kansas City

Our client, Hot Springs Spas of Kansas City came to us needing our all-inclusive digital strategy services, which meant they engaged with us in all aspects of digital services. With this, we needed to create specific landing pages for their campaigns each month that we could use for social ads, display ads, and their email marketing campaigns. These landing pages each included a lead form. We first created a more traditional form for the pages but soon saw an opportunity to engage our audience and increase conversions by creating a more interactive and personalized version of the form. With the new form, we saw a 70% increase in leads.

Traditional form:

Interactive form:

We’ve worked on all sorts of projects this year, and are looking forward to finding inspirational solutions for our clients in 2019! If you think you might be interested in learning how we can help take your marketing efforts to the next level, reach out.