How to Decide on Your Animation Design

For years, animated videos and explainers have proven to be a very effective and engaging way to communicate both simple and complex processes, ideas and brand messaging. Some of the most popular styles of animation in use today are 2D, 3D, Character-based and Infographic-style.

When it comes to choosing a particular style of animation for a client, several things to keep in mind are what is appropriate for a client’s specific brand, target demographic/customer and overall message.

2D & Infographic-Style Animation

This style of animation is great for communicating your message with relatively simple and minimalistic visuals. Sometimes simple, cleverly animated text is all that’s necessary. This style also relies heavily on vector graphics which allows for maximum flexibility in both design and motion. If someone were to want freedom in their styling, then this would be a great option. These are seen as flat, compared to 3D animations that pop off of a screen. We use this type of animation to explain a concept, show how to use a certain product or app, or simply to entertain.

3D Animation

3D Animations are great when you want to show viewers a physical product or explain a multidimensional concept. These are extremely customizable as well and are ideal to show emotion if needed and are considered to be very modern in style. 3D animations can also look totally realistic if that is the style you are going for. Most industries utilize 3D animations because they can be so customizable and flexible. They are also used in movies and video games.


Character/Cartoon-style animation is amazingly versatile and very effective in engaging the viewer. Well designed and animated characters can be extremely expressive and are great for displaying emotion, human interaction and explaining tough subjects in an accessible way.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the animation style you choose. Some might be more appropriate depending on what it is going to be used for. If you’re not sure about which animation style is right for you, reach out!