The Process of Writing a Video Script

At Snapshot Interactive, we make stories come alive. Whether we tell your story through video, a website, an animation, or overall strategy, we speak the language of motion and movement. Our roots lie in video creation, as it was our first avenue of production, and as such, we have written many video scripts for our clients. Here is a brief overview on the process of writing a great video script.

Know What Your Audience Wants

Think about who commissioned you to create a video. What goal do they want their video to accomplish? What does the video need to explain, portray, or ask to accomplish your client’s goal? After you answer this question, write your script in such a way that supports and achieves your client’s goal.

Research Your Topic and Client

The last thing you want is to be exposed to how ignorant you might be about your client’s field of work. Whether it is researching their business, their market, their competitors, or common terminology, build ethos into your video script by understanding what you are writing about. This will strengthen the quality of your video script. Also, research and learn the client’s voice before putting pen to paper. Reading articles and copy on their site or watching other videos they’ve made in the past will help you obtain a thorough understanding of your client’s voice.

Write All of Your Thoughts Out

Sometimes the best way to start the writing process after all the research is done is to open a blank word document and spill out all the thoughts and ideas (good and bad) that have been gathering in your mind.

Dig Deeper

Move beyond the typical corporate lingo and dive deeper into who the client is and what the story or message of the video is going to be. Develop your skills by thinking outside of the box when telling your client’s story. This creates more original verbiage. Avoid the normal “here at such-and-such company we do more than this, we do that.” This conveys the message and story in an original way that stays true to who the client is and their brand’s story.

Serve the Client

The number one goal is to best serve the client. Listen to and strive to fully understand their perspective, vision, and notes or criticism they may have during the revision process. You’re not writing your personal magnum opus here. You’re writing for your client and their brand. It’s important to be creative and be yourself but also remember that at the end of the day, it’s not about you, it’s about the client and their video being a success.

Making motion and movement is our passion. At Snapshot interactive, our mission is to serve your needs, whether you need a video, an animation, a website, or overall strategy. If you’ve been thinking about partnering with Snapshot on a video, or what to learn more about this company, call us!