5 Ways To Use Animation in your Business

An animation is memorable because of its distinct nature. Among a world of still digital content, movement sticks. Digital marketing is slowly beginning to dominate business’ marketing efforts, and companies face the challenge of being noticed by consumers. Businesses can stand out by going the extra mile with motion design, but many businesses don’t know how and where to use animations. If this sounds a little bit like you, don’t worry; we’ve got you. Here are five ways to effectively use animation in your business.

Animate Your Website
Your company’s website is one of your most powerful tools. It allows you to tell consumers what you offer and the value you can add to their business. It serves as a direct connection between you and customers or clients. Why not add some pizzazz and animate elements of your website? Animation draws attention to the most important elements of your website and is visually appealing.

Animate Your Emails
We are all accustomed to a multitude of daily emails. Emails become lost in our inboxes, especially marketing emails from businesses. One of the reasons we ignore or delete emails from companies is because we see them as obtrusive and fail to see their value. We feel all marketing emails have the same gist: to solicit our business. Be different in your marketing efforts. By using animation in your marketing emails, your brand is perceived as fun and inviting. Beyond creating a favorable image, using animation in your emails differentiates your company’s emails from the other thirty marketing emails waiting in your recipient’s inbox. The likelihood of increasing your open rate for your emails skyrockets with the use of animation.

Animate Your Marketing Videos
Businesses must have an arsenal of digital marketing material, and in that arsenal, there should be a variation of marketing videos. One of the best things about animation is its power to tell a complex story in a simple matter. Animation can take complicated concepts and explain them in a concise and straightforward way. Furthermore, animation videos are normally short and to the point; motion design captures your audience’s attention and drives home your main concepts in a precise and fun way.

Animate Your Logo
Your logo encapsulates your brand because your company’s logo is at the forefront of your branding. Animating your logo creates branding diversity internally as well as externally. Your company is in control of every aspect of your animated logo, which means you have complete authority.

Animate Your Product Explainer Videos
Animated videos used for marketing purposes do not always have to be centered around selling. You can use animation in your product explainer videos. Animation allows your company to maintain a certain amount of engagement with your customers after they are already your customers. Your business can create animation videos to explain how to use your products and the benefits of your products. These product explainer videos can effectively educate your customers about your products in an engaging way, further building your brand.

In conclusion, motion design, otherwise known as animation, is an amazing way to engage your customers, differentiate your brand, as well tell a complex story in a short amount of time. If you need someone to create animations for your business, our team works hand-in-hand with our clients throughout the animation process. We’d love to share our animation knowledge and skills with you!