Why Video Dominates Digital Marketing

By Megan Bean, Account Coordinator

What does any company hope to get out of their marketing efforts? More qualified leads, more sales, more loyal customers. A steadily filled funnel. In 2023, nothing delivers that quite like video.  

A few stats that tell the story: 

The ROI is hard to deny, and the rising tide of video marketing is showing no signs of receding. If you aren’t incorporating video production into your marketing efforts—or you aren’t prioritizing it—here are 5 compelling reasons to change that stance in 2023 and beyond. 

Our latest sizzle reel shows Snapshot’s video production, animation, and more — thousands of hours and dozens of talented, passionate people poured into these projects.

1. Video is More Engaging   

Video captivates because it engages multiple senses, creates an immersive experience, and makes storytelling come alive. Research shows that we remember significantly more information when it’s presented via video, because the format helps us engage emotionally as well as intellectually. 

2. Video Converts 

Once you’re on their mind, in their memory and tapped into their emotions, it’s a lot easier to get a customer’s follow-through. One powerful piece of proof: Landing pages with videos can boost conversion rates by as much as 86%

3. Video is Shareable   

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have made it easier than ever to share video content, and video, by nature, is highly shareable. Research found that social video inspires 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. When users share your content, they’re also doing your marketing for you in a way that inspires trust.  

4. Video Bolsters SEO 

When search engines like Google crawl your website to rank your pages, they’re looking for rich, quality content that’s relevant to their searchers’ intents. Video adds richness, bolsters quality, keeps visitors on-page longer and inspires them to click around—cues of relevance. Video supports your SEO efforts by providing precisely what search engines are looking for.  

5. Users Prefer Video  

A Google study found that 60% of consumers would pick watching an ad over reading one. In a 2023 survey, more than 90% of consumers—a pretty convincing majority—wanted to see more video content from brands in the coming year.  

How Snapshot can vault your video marketing 

Snapshot is a full-service digital marketing agency that grew out of a full-time video production house, so high-quality video production is in our DNA. Whether you’re looking for promotional videos, corporate videos, social media explainer ads, or broadcast-ready brand videos, our team can help, from concepting to distribution.  

Ready to get started? Connect with our video teams in Nashville and St. Louis.