Snapshot Interactive: Video Was Just the Beginning…

Having gotten into business eight years ago, tactical video production was the cornerstone of who we were and how we presented ourselves. Because of this, our original mark relied heavily on a lens component helping us illustrate the concept of telling one’s story on camera. Like with any growing business, where you start doesn’t necessarily dictate where you end up and as we have evolved over the years, our clients have led us into more holistic digital marketing. It started with our team making the video process easy for our clients which naturally lead us into animation, web design and development.

Over time, we discovered the value of unpacking those individual service lines from operating in silos and leveraging them in a more holistic way. This allowed us to amplify the voice and reach for our clients through layering digital marketing and strategy into the mix.  This is where we see our future and the value we can provide to our clients – helping them reach an audience they are wanting to get in front of and leveraging the power of our video, design, and animation teams to engage that audience in our client’s story. This ultimately converts that audience through our development and web experiences along with monitoring those results in real time.

With all of this, it was time for us to reflect on who we are and how we presented ourselves to the market knowing where we came from. The center of this was our mark. While our original mark helped us accomplish everything that we are today, what we are transitioning to will push us to where we need to be tomorrow.

This new and improved mark does a few things that we love. The icon is perfect for us with it having a cyclical nature and spin to it representing the concept of surrounding our clients with a 360-degree experience. The four rings making up the outer elements allow us to represent our four core values (we only produce sizzle reel quality, we know anything is possible in 5 days, there is no task beneath us and we create unexpected experiences for our clients). We have purposefully lowered our second “s” for readability and elongated the “t” at the end to show forward progress. A lean forward if you will.

While a logo redesign is and should be a very emotional process, what has been incredible to see and feel is the meaning and purpose behind all the moves that have been made and how they strategically align to where we are headed with paying homage to where we have come from.

We’re fired up about the direction we are headed as an organization and having a mark that truly represents the full breadth of the work we provide and support our clients with. Finally, the time is now.

Check back later this week to see how we designed and transitioned our logo into what it is now!