Recruiting In a ‘Great Correction’: How to Hire and Retain a Kickass Team 

By Amy Irwin, Director of People and Culture 

The world of work got turned upside down and sideways over the past couple of years. We’ve been challenged by losses, layoffs, quarantines, and enough virtual meetings to push us to the edge. We’ve made much-needed adjustments, too—mental health got more of the focus it deserves, and we finally recognized the importance of taking care of ourselves (even if it had to be forced upon us).

As someone who works in hiring and recruiting, I’ve had a front-row seat to the ways these experiences have changed people—how we view work, workplaces, and work-life balance. Candidates have become fearless with their questions and their choices. They’re more aware of what they need and want in their lives. For many, the days of putting up with the bare minimum in exchange for a paycheck are in the past.

Every day, I meet people who prioritize roles that inspire, reward, and fulfill. They’re seeking connection and culture, and they aren’t willing to settle for less. Pundits called it a “Great Resignation,” but the mindset feels more like a “Great Correction” (hat tip Simon Sinek) to me. I’ve been listening to the questions and to the expectations. And you know what? I think they’re on to something.  

The Importance of Intentional, Consistent Culture   

As I speak with applicants and colleagues, I’m aware that they’re interviewing us, too—correctly and constantly. For many, the paycheck used to be paramount, and loving the job might be a lucky perk. The landscape looks different now. Job seekers are willing to pause and pick up side work while they hold out for a company that inspires them to thrive. Likewise, companies are more calculated and discerning in their hiring processes.  

To me, the key to helping companies and employees flourish is clear: Build an intentional and consistent culture. Culture can’t be an afterthought—it needs deliberate, focused, ongoing attention. That means fostering open communication amongst your team (word of mouth is forever the #1 recruitment tool), building a supportive and inclusive work environment, and doing the work to maintain that every day. It sets the stage for attracting, recognizing, and holding on to the perfect match.  

Building a Kickass Team 

All of the above informs the three steps I use to hire and retain kickass colleagues: 

  1. Hire for culture first.  Be clear about your company’s core values from the very first interview. (If you haven’t defined and refined your core values, put that exercise at the top of your priority list.) Be open about what your company expects from employees, and what you give back. Alignment is key. An employee who understands and agrees with the culture that drives the whole organization feels connected and rewarded.  
  1. Hire for ownership mentality. When you hire for ownership mentality, you instill an immense level of responsibility in your employees. They understand their role in your company’s success. Ownership for us means you’re willing to work hard to get the job done, to support the whole team, and be accountable for both the triumphs and the failures. We want to work with people who are in it for the long haul.  
  1. Focus on more than the bottom line.  Every company wants to be profitable. But there’s more to success than dollars and cents. It’s about equity, understanding the needs of your team, and addressing needs with applicants during the interview process. Focusing on the health of your team and providing support and a good work-life balance equates to happy employees, happy clients and owners, and better work overall. Who doesn’t want to enjoy their job, work hard, and enjoy their families/friends and downtime?  

Ready to Join Our (Kickass) Team? 

Our process isn’t perfect, but it keeps us curious, listening, learning, and growing. And that growth means we’re steadily bringing talented, inspiring people into our Nashville and St. Louis offices. If you work in digital marketing, web development, video production, graphic design, or any of Snapshot’s other disciplines—and your core values connect with ours—we’d love to meet you. 

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