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Online Parts Growth – Fabick Cat


Caterpillar dealers have long grappled with the challenge of attributing revenue to their paid digital advertising campaigns. This longstanding issue left dealers in the dark, making it exceedingly difficult to gauge the true impact of their advertising efforts and optimize them for better results. That was until… Caterpillar rolled out their Parts.Cat.Com (PCC) linkage. This linkage, between PCC and Google Ads, allowed visibility into post-click actions such as time spent on specific product pages, users who visited the site without registering, and most importantly transactional and revenue data. 

Fabick Cat, an early adopter of Cat’s PCC linkage, leveraged Snapshot’s expertise to develop and execute a Parts Campaign to put the PCC linkage to use. From utilizing best practices for match type segmentation to audience cultivation for enhanced remarketing, Snapshot ensured that Fabick Cat’s campaigns were set up for success. This allowed them to bridge the gap between their digital advertising efforts and revenue generation and effectively drive, measure, and optimize ROI.   

The results? A 6.7x Return on Ad Spend over a 90 day period, which translates to $6.70 for every $1 spent on Google Ads.

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