Anything is Possible in 5 Days

Growing up as a stage performer, one has to have a slightly cocky sense of their abilities. Standing under the bright lights with all eyes watching leaves little room for doubting yourself. If doubt creeps in, it will radiate through everything you do and everyone who is watching. Overtime, this opinion allowed me to have so much belief in my ability to accomplish something that it actually pushed me to do greater things.

At SnapShot, we strongly believe and actively engage our team in the Rockefeller Habits business methodology. With this approach, a core element is developing and maintaining a set of core values that help guide your company.

One of our core values generates more questions than the rest, both internally with our team as they come on board and externally with clients that engage us in work. This particular core value also happens to be my favorite as it comes off as an incredibly bold and powerful statement: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN 5 DAYS.


To clients sometimes the question is: so my project will be done in 5 days, yes?
A: With the right budget and agreements, that is true.

To new members on the team the question becomes, so every project needs to be completed in 5 days?
A: Not necessarily and definitely not always.

The point of this core value is not in the tactical but rather in the mindset. This core value for us is much more about a belief in our ability to accomplish something seemingly insane than it is about getting it done in the literal sense of 5 days.

It was a professor who once uttered the words, “If you can’t do something in 5 days, you shouldn’t be in this industry”, to me in college. While I don’t believe he meant it to strike such a cord with me, it did. He was referencing the fact there will always be people younger, stronger, better and faster than you and that you should recognize the threat and protect against it – never get complacent. Because of my recognition in that statement at that moment and because of my stage mindset, this is a simple truth to me. Anything is possible in 5 days. In fact, it has to be.

So, why 5 days? Why not 7, or 10? Great question. A lot of people can do the norm. Hiring a team that can do the insanely impossible is something completely different entirely. We do that. Yes, really…