Being Dynamic in a Dynamic World

In the digital space, the only constant is change and it’s a simple truth. Through trends, technology advancements, efficiency and even threats, the digital space is constantly changing and evolving.

Some fear that change, and cling to the ways of yesterday with the cliché mentality of this is how it’s always been done. Others thrive on the adoption of new ideas, techniques and innovation and become the leaders we all look to.

Which describes you?

Our team is increasingly aware of the security threats facing data on the web and how this threat will affect our clients’ brands and marketing efforts. We’ve all heard of the recent (massive) data breaches. In fact, these breaches are becoming an unfortunate trend that is changing the landscape of a critical delivery mechanism we use, the web.

Everything we produce and design for our clients in some form or fashion uses the web as a component in our overall strategy. We tell stories, design experiences; create visuals for intangible ideas and help clients showcase themselves and companies to their market segments – mostly through an online experience. As the breaches personally affect more homes, it will undeniably erode trust in a vital vein for the digital space.

So…instead of using the ways of yesterday it’s time see beyond and look to what is needed for tomorrow. What does the web look like tomorrow, as today it touches every aspect of what we do commercially and personally?

First, we work to shore up the threats of today, which help us, fuel the fire for the advancements of tomorrow. To us, that means mitigating the risks. While the unfortunate truth is, while we can’t stop everyone (neither can the CIA), we can minimize the impact. With uncovering the very tactical needs surrounding the importance of the data, for example, you can determine if one should employ failover DNS, load-balanced servers, integrated disaster recovery…etc. And, by designing the right plan for each instance, you can give peace-of-mind in the event of an emergency that you are not at the mercy of a central source and thus on the defensive.

Second, we innovate. You know the needs of your clients. Design something that hasn’t been designed before. Build something that solves a challenge and iterate it. Take a different angle with a story that reaches your audience in a way that no one else has. And most importantly, deliver your content, message, story, and product in diverse ways.

I fear the web as our primary delivery engine, as we know it today, is beginning to take a turn. The question is, will you get ahead of it while leveraging today’s resources to their max, or will you get left behind in this ever-changing dynamic landscape?