5 Reasons You Should Hire a Video Production Agency

When it comes to content, video is king. Often times though, potential clients have no clue where to start. Smartphone cameras, nephews with DSLR’s, or college kids looking for experience cloud the market with subpar content and shady client experiences. While professional video production can seem like a hefty expense for your business, the return is often greater than the investment. The result is the enhancement of your company’s brand, content that engages and informs customers, and a comfortable on-set experience. In the end, this all helps to develop a healthy relationship with professional creatives, and overall generate more clicks and conversions for your company.


As you know, high quality, reliable products, and services are important. So why skim on your video production content? We’ve all seen bad commercials, cheesy ads, and low-quality social media content. There’s definitely a time and a place for smartphone-captured content and user-generated video. But when you’re looking to showcase who your organization is or market a new line of products or services, don’t settle for low-quality, unprofessional video content which will, in turn, reflect poorly on your product. Hiring a professional video production agency increases the likelihood of obtaining high-quality content to post on social media and your website which enhances your brand’s image in the public eye.


Most professionals in the video production industry pride themselves in being storytellers. Stories hold an important place in the human heart, and what separates a good agency from a great agency is the ability to tell a story that engages an audience. Take the most mundane product or service. When crisp, beautiful imagery is combined with the perfectly crafted voiceover or interview soundbites, a story is created and an audience is informed and captivated into your brand and the services you offer. When you hire a professional video production agency, you’re hiring professional storytellers who will engage new clients through the power of your brand’s story.


Anyone who is not a professional on-screen actor or television show host will tell you that being on camera can get very awkward and uncomfortable quickly. The role of the director on-set with a professional video production agency is to create a comfortable and efficient set environment where interviewees feel natural and conversational. Running a set efficiently and making the most out of the allotted production time is a high priority for the agency as well. Capturing high-quality of high quantities of solid, usable footage and soundbites makes post-production easier and happier clients with the final cut. Hiring professionals mean hiring a relational crew who will bring an enjoyable experience to your organization during production.


Relational creatives may not be the easiest to come by, but developing a strong relationship with a professional video production agency gives you easy access to creatives who care about their clients. Let’s face it, despite how creative you may already be, you have a business to run and a team to manage. Partnering with trustworthy agency creatives who care about you, your brand, and your success as a company enables you to obtain higher quantities and quality of video marketing content by delegating this responsibility to your agency partner. Your video production agency works day and night to enhance your brand and tell your story which enables you to focus more on investing in your team and clients.


Okay, so you’ve hired the professionals who have created an engaging story through an efficient and comfortable set environment and you’ve decided that this process is pretty sweet. The result? A partnership with your creative agency.

Now what? A full, in-house digital service agency like ourselves can provide you with a strong digital strategy and marketing consultation in order to use your hot, new content most effectively. Sure you can hit the “post” button on Facebook and LinkedIn, but how do you reach those who haven’t followed you yet? That’s where we come in handy. A partnership with a digital agency will bring to fruition fresh, engaging video content AND the appropriate direction and execution on how to effectively use your videos to generate interest, clicks, and conversions. Who doesn’t want more of that?