Rosie Colman

Meet Rosie, a dynamic Type-A extrovert who thrives on the energy of collaborating with others. Her true passion lies in being a reliable partner to her clients, where she helps to craft effective marketing strategies from the ground up. With a remarkable 10-year agency background encompassing industries like healthcare, real estate, and non-profits, Rosie is well-versed in the art of successful campaign execution.

Rosie considers herself an emotional intelligence officer for a living. Her expertise isn’t only in strategy, but her ability to gauge the atmosphere of a room, be flexible and adapt along the way. That, coupled with her organized approach to work has led to a number of successful wins, including joining the Board of Directors for AAF this year.

When not [politely] bossing around her cohorts, you can find Rosie cuddling her twin nephews, traveling, attempting to lift a weight at the gym, or listening to a podcast.

Fun Facts
Guilty Pleasure

Being constantly influenced by TikTok

Comfort TV Show

The Magicians

Unusual Skill

Hacking cheap flights to London