Kate Hutcheson

With a decade of professional experience, Kate has honed her skills in various industries, from online business to e-learning. Among her proudest achievements is her role in being a part of the launch of the Waves of Change Grant for women of color. Shaping internal processes, encompassing branding and web development. And her work with Snapshot’s client Evolve and assisting in building their new website. Her superpower lies in meticulously thinking through the logistical details of a plan. She excels at asking the critical questions: “How will this actually work? How long will it take? When we encounter obstacles ahead, how will we overcome them?”  

Kate’s journey to Snapshot was serendipitous, as her history with the building, once a place of worship, intertwined with her meeting Mark Scrivner at a networking event. It was an ideal match, as Snapshot was searching for a Project Manager, and she was seeking a place just like Snapshot.   

Trying to find Kate on the weekend is just short of an adventure. She thrives in the great outdoors! She enjoys hiking and quality time with her teenagers. Or she picks up her mandolin when she has time to spare.  

Fun Facts
Favorite Snack

A salty/sweet combo like chocolate-covered pretzels

Early Bird or Night Owl

Early Bird

Favorite Book

Moby Dick and any cheesy romance novels she I can get her hands