Amy Irwin

Amy Irwin’s professional journey has taken her from HR and operations to physical therapy and, thanks to her parents’ business, working in costume and magic shops. As Snapshot’s Director of People and Culture, she recruits talented marketers, manages the team’s needs, and works to foster a collaborative, cohesive company culture—she’s committed to each team members’ success and, when needed, will be the first to start a dance party in the office. One accurate outside reflection on Amy: “She’s figured out that life happens pretty much no matter what you’re doing, so it may as well be fun.”  

Outside of work, Amy has devoted years to musical theater, playing her trumpet, and being a part of unforgettable productions. When she isn’t busy being the life of the party, she can be found playing music or sculpting life-size chickens out of clay. 

Fun Facts
Past Life Profession 

A healer, using salves and helping others feel better  

Favorite Dance Movie 

Dirty Dancing  

Favorite Cartoon Character 

Linda Belcher