Snapshot Exclusive: Our Favorite Halloween Costumes and Why

“Halloween, Halloween, this is Halloween.” Imagine this song playing in the background as you read our blog. What is one of the best things about Halloween? Besides giving children enormous amounts of candy, the best thing about Halloween is the ability to dress up and not be judged for it. This is important to us, as everyone at Snapshot Interactive takes dressing up for Halloween very seriously. Weeks before the actual day, our team begins to discuss and share what we think could make the best Halloween costume. Throughout the years, we have admired many great Halloween costumes and have dressed up in many great Halloween costumes. Because of our costume fetish, we were curious to know everyone’s favorite Halloween costumes of all time, and what made those costumes so great. We conducted a poll around our office and found the results inspiring. Enjoy our favorite Halloween costumes poll!

Siren and Her Sailor (Emily Openshaw)

I’m usually a villain every year because the rest of the 364 days, I’m actually pretty nice! One time, I caught a poor sailor in my sea net. He couldn’t resist my Siren voice…. It ends well though, he is now my fiance.

Halloween Witch (Christy Hager)

You can’t beat a classic. My favorite Halloween costume is a witch because it is timeless and I can wear my normal clothes, add a hat and crazy makeup, and voila! It’s such a simple costume. I’m the same thing every year.

Weird Al (Kristina Dolan)

Alfred Matthew “Weird Al” Yankovic, is an American singer-songwriter, film/record producer, satirist, and author. Besides his crazy hair and glasses, he is most known for his parodies. I love dressing up as him not only for his humor but also because when I did, I rode around on a bike all day and it was perfect.

Slash (Lola Zieman)

Saul Hudson, aka Slash, aka best costume (according to Lola). If you dress as a bada** you must act like a bada**. See a prime example of this rocker’s costume below, Harley Davidson jacket, ripped rock and roll tee, nose ring, and big hair to bring the look together.

Family Costumes (Mark Scrivner)

We love when the whole family is in on the festivities. Whether it’s a family dressed as the  characters from Tangled, the Scarecrow, Wicked Witch of the West, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, or a unique costume concept like a sasquatch, a TV commercial showing beef  jerky, and a child dressed up as a beef jerky packet, themed family costumes always draw smiles from onlookers.

Captain Hook (Keith Adkins)

Peter Pan is a beloved tale. The iconic villain is well recognized, garbed with his pirates’ clothing completed with a pirate hat and feather, sword, and knee-high boots. Becoming a beloved villain for a night is hard to pass up, and that’s why Captain Hook is my favorite costume.

Jenny and Forrest Gump (Michael Logsdon) 

“Run, Forrest, run!” Admit it; as you read those words you heard them in Forrest’s voice. Not only is this movie an award-winning movie, but this movie duo, a young woman dressed as a hippie, and a disgruntled, bearded runner, are sure to win any Halloween party awards.

Our Team

There you have it: a collection of Snapshot Interactive’s favorite Halloween costumes. We hope it brought you some laughs and inspiration. Not only do we love dressing up for Halloween, but we also love our team. And our team not only loves to have fun but also loves to get down to work and serve our clients needs. If you ever want to chat (not only about Halloween costumes), we’d love nothing more.