Tractor Supply Company

Tractor Supply Company is the number one rural retail provider in the US. With over 1,800 stores nationwide, Tractor Supply provides all the “Out Here” essentials. Snapshot partnered with TSC to create a brand activation campaign for their new product line, Ridgecut Toughwear. Ridgecut provides outerwear and apparel for those living the Out Here lifestyle. Competing with brands like Carhart and Dickies, Ridgecut called on us to create an impactful video campaign that showcased the top quality and unmatched value that Ridgecut Outwear provides.

We worked hand-in-hand with the Tractor Supply team to spearhead the creative direction, messaging, and ultimately the production of this action-packed video campaign. Knowing the video would live in both traditional mediums and digital fronts – we devised a campaign plan to create video assets that were medium-focused. Providing our viewers with a seamless viewing experience. Assets included product technology driven YouTube pre-rolls to a long-form brand anthem.

The Ridgecut brand activation campaign has seen tremendous success on all platforms and has become a quick hit amongst Tractor customers.