Guest Post: The Importance of Video Marketing for Your Business

Our friend, Luke with Hightower Video Production was kind enough to write a blog post for us. Luke gives us some insight on why video marketing for your business is crucial, and we couldn’t agree more. Thanks for submitting this to us, Luke, all the way from across the pond!

From social media marketing to influencer connectivity, providing accessible, viable and engaging advertising has never been more important when it comes to standing out from the competition. But one form of marketing still tops the pile for producing excellent results no matter what platform you’re using – video. Wondering why you should incorporate video marketing into your next campaign? Here are just a few reasons:

The medium of future communications

There’s no doubt that video is more prevalent in our day-to-day interactions than ever before. From posting a story on Instagram to scrolling through the latest news and information on Facebook, when it comes to social media, video is bigger than ever. In fact, over 500 million people watch at least one video per day on Facebook, and 82% of Twitter users watch video daily. When it comes to marketing your product, that’s a vast audience.

Of course, other factors apply when it comes to marketing via social media, but video always wins out over a static image; it’s just making tweaks to length, engagement, and information that can turn video marketing from a good opportunity into an amazing one. As video marketing becomes more and more prevalent, promoting your product with emotion and a story is as important as ensuring your product is visible to begin with. Creating a connection with your customers via video is the key to unlocking their potential.

Videos say more than still images ever can

From demonstrations of how a product works to testimonials and aspirational shots of how an item or service can enhance someone’s life, video can convey a lifestyle or purpose in a far more succinct way than imagery ever could. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, most viewers’ attention span is only around 10 seconds, and with high quality, to-the-point, interesting video production, that’s all it takes to hook a customer.

Unlike still imagery, video can allow viewers to perceive the quality of your product with their own eyes, and turn an abstract concept into a physical item that will enhance their lives. It gives your brand an opportunity to connect with your customers in new ways, by offering them a value they didn’t know they needed.

Everyday integration

As you read this, millions of people worldwide will be scrolling through their social media feeds, watching online videos or sitting in front of the TV. That’s millions of opportunities to reach out to potential customers every minute, integrating your product into their news feed or advertising at the beginning of their next YouTube video.

What makes video marketing so compelling, and even more effective than its historical use on TV and cinema, is that it can be so neatly integrated into everyday life. For smartphone users, stopping to view a video that pops up on your social media feed is second nature. Seeing your product will become a part of their daily life, and as such you have the opportunity to draw their attention, and their sales, by making this familiarity matter.

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