How SEO Raised Organic Impressions 106%

From time to time, companies reach out to us wondering if there’s a magical way to bring more visitors to their website. The answer is yes, engaging in right tactics, whether they’re timely (SEO), or costly (SEM), can eventually bring more site visitors and hopefully a portion of these new visitors turn into customers. 

In 2020, these two three-letter abbreviations are getting pretty close to becoming household terms…in fact, Mark Cuban can be heard casually shouting them out to business owners on recent episodes of Shark Tank. While Cuban is pretty cool, and tremendously successful, unfortunately this post isn’t about him. Instead, we wanted to give you an idea of how making the right tweaks to a website (SEO) can turn into big improvements in search engines. 

The rundown:

Recently, a client came to us for some help with their website’s SEO. 

  • After running audits on their site using SEMrush, Screamingfrog, and GTmetrix, we found technical things that needed to be fixed (broken links, missing h1 tags, duplicate content, toxic backlinks, indexing issues)
  • Found opportunities to integrate important keywords to the site’s main pages heading tags, text, and meta-data
  • Implemented some best practices with sitemaps, structured data, meta data, and alt text
  • Eliminated a site-wide redirect chain, compressed 1300+ images, removed all unnecessary pages and themes, and resized images to scale on all pages for a big improvement to site speed
  • Made some quick UI updates to the design of the homepage

The time frame:

The work itself took about 20 hours and was spread out for about 2 weeks. While there’s almost a never ending amount that can essentially be done month over month for a site’s SEO, knocking out a chunk of optimizations all at once can be a great option that shows noticeable returns.

The results:

Using Google Search Console, Google’s platform to show the performance of a website and webpages in their search engine, we see these adjustments had a quick impact.

The below graph shows a significant lift in clicks and impressions in Google during and following the optimizations that were made to the site. 

The image below shows the performance of the site during the 3 months after our optimizations, compared to the three months before the work:

  • 46% increase to organic clicks
  • 106% increase to organic impressions


The point here is to show that the things hidden below the surface of your website (the majority of what we addressed with this site) can often have the biggest impact on how many visitors you get each month. The other point is to show that sometimes SEO can yield pretty quick returns, as opposed to the common “it takes 3 months to see SEO results” phrase. While this isn’t always the case, if there’s enough bugs that need fixing and you resolve them all, also incorporating best practices, you’re likely to see some promising results.