How to Use Animation In Your Marketing Strategy

It’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies. They are ever changing and constantly evolving. Businesses big and small are looking for ways to stay relevant in the new marketing age and animation has played a huge role in strategies! Animation can enhance your company’s marketing strategy in many ways, but here are just a few uses that will be extremely beneficial.  

Animated Explainers 

Would you rather have a talking head explain a business product to you, or would you rather visualize it in a video or moving picture? If you picked the latter, animation can be especially eye catching in this regard. An animated video or graphic can help customers see and understand the value of your products better. It can demonstrate how to use the product or even answer certain questions about its usage and you always want to include a call to action at the end. 

The best part? These videos can live just about anywhere. Landing pages, email campaigns, social advertisements, website homepages and so many more! For best results, these animations should be served in small chunks and should not exceed one minute in length. 

Here’s a 30-second animated explainer we made for Emerson:

Animated Logo 

Animating a company logo has become extremely popular and adds pizzaz to a website, button or advertisement. You have probably seen these animated logos on Google or from other companies like Amazon or FedEx. By adding some simple movements to your logo, you will engage so many more consumers.  

An animated logo gives your business a unique and personal flare. It gives you much more space to express your company rather than a normal static logo.  

Motion Graphic GIFs 

Plenty of companies have started using GIFs as a means for adding personality to their social media and other platforms. These can be especially fun for showing off workplace culture. Businesses can create motion graphic GIFs for announcements, holidays or even email campaigns.  

There are several tools available to create these animated GIFs and they are platforms that you may even already be using day to day. Giphy, Photoshop or Boomerang for Instagram are the perfect places to start without an expensive price tag. Feed off your consumers and don’t forget to have fun with it! That’s the point, after all.  

These are just three of many ways that animations can bring your marketing to life. It is a powerful and inexpensive tool to show off your company’s culture, why people love to work for you and why customers buy your products. They are versatile and can be posted or used across many different platforms.