The GA4 deadline is nearly here 

Have you migrated to Google Analytics 4 yet? Sunset’s coming—GA4 replaces Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. 


After July 1, if you haven’t transitioned, you won’t be able to access new data for your site (or sites). Next year, historical data drops off too. That leaves you flying blind on audience and kneecapping yourself on ad performance. 


GA4 and Universal Analytics are very different, so it’s more than a plug-and-play process. Ensuring all your data, goals, and integrations are aligned and clear in GA4 can take time and attention, and if your needs are particularly robust, a fair amount of expertise. 

That’s why our Digital Team has been heads down on shaping the best possible migration workflows for clients of any industry or size.   

If you’re overwhelmed, we can help