The Truth About Video Landing Pages

If your company has advertised online, then you’ve likely used a landing page as the backbone of your campaign. Some basic ingredients to your page might be a contact form, summary paragraph, bullet points, and a few images of the product or service you’re offering. In some cases it might work to send traffic to a pre-existing page on your site, and other times it makes the most sense to create a custom landing page from scratch. With video’s ability to raise conversions by 80%, video landing pages are a must for 2019.

What Can a Video Landing Page Can Do for You?

Simplify Your Product or Service

A video landing page will help visitors figure out what exactly you’re offering them, while eliminating the need to read every word on the page. Sure, images and text certainly serve their purpose, but videos have the ability to relay information in a quick and simplified way. In fact, the brain can process visuals at a shocking 60,000X faster speed than text. So, if your company is selling a product that’s new to the market or a service that’s somewhat complex, a video landing page can greatly simplify your pitch.

Keep Visitors Entertained

It’s safe to say that video is looked at as the holy grail of entertainment. It’s combination of sound, movement, text, and room for endless effects help keep people interested in your offer. In fact, 59% of executives state that they choose video over text when researching a topic. Why? Because it’s effortless — click play and the video does all of the work for you. While the main objective is to capture leads, your visitors should first be genuinely entertained by your company, product, and service throughout their entire journey. When done right, video landing pages will keep people on your page for a longer period of time. 

Increase the Trust Factor

Before a visitor converts, they must first trust your brand. Video can help you communicate with your audience on more of a human-to-human basis. By showing visitors a video with a human face and voice, you’re essentially giving them a greater reason to trust your company. People trust people, so the more human you can make your landing page, the better. 

The featured video on your landing page might be a prime spot for:

  • Your CEO or president to share the brand mission 
  • Shots of your team at work or products being made 
  • Testimonials from past customers that are satisfied

Persuade People to Action

Videos have the unique ability to persuade people to action. One study showed that viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video. While the best copywriters can do wonders with words alone, and designers can create amazing visuals, video is an outlet where you can combine these elements into one. Video landing pages give visitors the info they need, while cutting down on the effort they need to invest. Unlike a full page of copy or a detailed infographic, video can explain your pitch with less stress. 

Add Personality to Your Brand

Having a great product and an unmatched service is the first step in attracting customers. In 2019, your company must have a distinguished personality to beat the competition and grow a loyal following. Video gives you a chance to relay your brand’s personality to your target audience through the lens that you want to be seen: humorous, tech-savvy, locally owned and operated? Use a video landing page to show your target audience what makes your brand distinct.

Need inspiration for your video landing page? Check out some examples: 

Here’s a video landing page we created for Ziegler CAT’s operator challenge

Here’s another video landing page we made for TN SCORE

Think you need a stand-out landing page? Our video production team can help! Let’s harness the power of video and uncover the story you want to tell.