The Snapshot Experience: Creating Positive Set Environments for Clients

As a creative agency, we have to always make sure that we are producing high-quality videos and photos no matter what. Our clients expect this of us as this is what they pay us for – to look and sound good on screen. Not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, so we do our best to make sure that regardless of the client’s personality type or on-camera experience, that they look and sound professional and that they are proud of the work we create together.

Understand the Client and Their Project

First things first to help make this happen – we always sit down with our clients on the front end in order to understand their project and get to know them a little bit better. Each person has his or her own personality and preferences, so we try to get all of that information before shooting. Our goal is to make all of our clients feel comfortable on screen.

If he or she has video shoot experience previously, we like to ask about those experiences and what his or her expectations are. Perhaps their previous agency didn’t get to know them well enough and made them feel nervous or didn’t ask the right questions. Maybe they felt like the agency was on a time crunch and only had a few minutes to shoot before getting the shots that were actually needed. Whatever the reason, we try to uncover that and solve the issues as best as we can. Our team also tries to uncover the purpose of the projects we work on. We like to know what the project is being used for and what the core message is to help us better deliver a sizzle reel quality video.

Facilitate Success

In order to ensure that we are successful, we have to make sure we facilitate each project correctly. There is a lot that goes into this, too. Our team likes to make sure that we always create a positive vibe and comfortable atmosphere for our clients on set. Whether that’s a shot of coffee to fulfill a caffeine need or taking a moment to review a last-minute script concern they thought of the night before It is our job to figure out what that is. We also need to direct those who may not be comfortable in front of a screen. In order to make this happen, we try to make the person laugh and begin small talk to get them comfortable talking before we shoot. When we do this, we build rapport quickly with the result being the person opening up and being their true self.

Make Them Look Good

It’s our job to make our clients look good on and off screen. We always use soft light sources that cut down on hard and unflattering shadows. We are constantly on the lookout for shiny faces, flyaway hairs, and wardrobe malfunctions. Before we fix these common issues, we ask first! This is so important. No one wants a stranger in his or her personal space. When it comes to seeing the shots we take, we use our discretion as to whether or not we let the client see what shots we took. If it looks good, we let them know we are confident in how good he or she looks and are also not afraid to suggest any changes in order for them to look even better,

Make Them Sound Good

Most people hate to see themselves on camera, especially if they don’t sound confident or make verbal mistakes. This point leads back to our previous points. We try to make our clients comfortable and always look out for their best interest. In order to do this, we coach them on the front end and give tips on how to gather their thoughts before stumbling their way into answers or what they are speaking about. We always encourage people to finish what they are saying in a confident manner even if they mess up. It’s important to have them maintain eye contact with the interviewer (if applicable) so that he or she appears more confident to the audience. We also love it if he or she talks with their hands if it is natural for them to do so.

All in all, our ultimate goal is success for our clients. These are some of the ways we help guarantee a successful photo shoot or video shoot with them. If you want to experience first hand what we have to offer for your on-screen needs, let us know. We are here to help.