Snapshot Lingo: Common Sayings Around the Office

At SnapShot, we like to say some things that may sound a little crazy to the untrained ear. Here’s a peek into some of our everyday lingo.

Anything is possible in 5 days – One of our core beliefs that reminds us to never get complacent. Learn more here.

Animation – We offer a range of animation options to help our clients tell their story in an easy to understand way. see Video, Web

BHAG – It stands for Big, Hairy Audacious Goal. Our Big, Hairy Audacious goal is the core of our mission statement. “We will SHAKE the ground of interactive so HARD that only graduates from SNAPSHOT UNIVERSITY will be worthy of over-delivering inspirational solutions for OUR clients.”

Creative – Someone set on new innovation everyday. see Everyone at SnapShot.

Good News – Announcement of an accomplishment from one of our workers at the beginning of the Huddle.

Huddle – Everyday at 8:46 everyone at Snapshot gathers together. We hear Good News, set out goals for the day ahead and find out Who Rocks.

Over-Deliver – What we do for our clients. Over-delivering means going above and beyond expectations. It includes being available, being engaged and executing the what by the when. see Three Steps to Over-delivering

Video – Our in house team handles everything from writing to distribution to create “Sizzle Reel” quality video that our clients can be proud to display. see Animation, Web

Web – We focus on video-centric web design and development with maximum quality design and stellar user interface. see Animation, Video

Who Rocks? – During our the Huddle, we ask this to see who has been a superstar in the office. After we identify Who Rocks, the whole team says “_____ Rocks!”

Why can’t we be friends? – Our way of making connections in our office. If you have a significant hang out, you connect a string between your pictures.