Medaxion is an iPad / tablet based SaaS application that allows anesthesiologists to enter patient data directly into an app instead of taking notes on paper. This makes their life easier, and puts them in a position to own their data and provide more short term and long term value to their hospital partners. Getting from “lead to demo” was never much of a problem, but like many B2B-based software companies, closing the sale is the hardest and longest part.

Our digital strategy roadmap process delivered all of the standard Google Analytics, Competitive Landscape Analytics Analysis, SEO deep dive and data driven web design improvements, but took an in-depth focus on content creation specific to addressing internally identified objections that their prospective clients constantly bring up during the sales cycle. Our team created usable content for each of the objections, as well as a deployment strategy that includes Facebook and Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Outbrain and Taboola native content placements and Email Marketing.