HealthStream Website

In 2014, HealthStream was in 65% of US hospitals yet had a challenge online that they needed to position themselves as solutions oriented vs product focused. Furthermore, they were looking for ways to further engage their audience and expand their sales funnel through their digital sales tools Рthe primary one being their main website. We worked with them to build a website that helped them generate over 20,000 leads. And the quality of those leads is far superior to what it was in previous years.  Our work on their website and digital efforts helped them secure over $15 Million in sales in the first part of 2016.



As a marketer, we’re often confronted with lots of different agency relationships, and it’s hard to find somebody that you trust and somebody that’s going to get the job done. But I’ve been working with Snapshot for 5 years and I’ve found that really they are that type of partner – that’s creative and is going to help you achieve your goals. They’re willing to dive in with us.

Megan Director of Digital Marketing