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Hawthorne Cat Organic Social Refresh


Social media can be a valuable, low-cost way to reach customers on a more personal level. However, it often gets prioritized last. Hawthorne Cat, the Caterpillar dealership throughout San Diego, Hawaii, The American Samoas and Guam, felt their social media process was becoming cumbersome and slowly beginning to drift from their core messaging priorities. They wanted to find a partner who truly understood their brand and provided an effortless, streamlined approach that took much of the work (and worry) off their plate. 

Following an initial strategy session, Snapshot developed an annual content plan across the relevant social channels fully aligned to Hawthorne’s communication priorities and KPIs. Providing ongoing analytics and recommendations on a monthly basis, Snapshot continues to manage and optimize Hawthorne’s social, ultimately taking the friction out of the experience, and improving their ROI. 

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