Make The Words On Your Website Resonate

Create Engaging Website Content… 

The words you put on your website are the essence of your brand. The messages you send out from your little piece of the Web directly reflect on who and what your brand is.

But how do you know you’re sending the right message?

At Snapshot Interactive, our Nashville web design team knows that engagement with your audience is one of the best metrics to consider when analyzing your content and website visibility. Make sure your website’s content sticks with readers and increases the amount of time visitors spend on your site by implementing these strategies.

Provide Answers, Then Solutions

We live in a world of instant gratification. People want to know what they’re getting before they invest their time or energy into anything. Tell your website’s visitors how your products or services can solve their problems before you go into the details of how it all works. This gives visitors incentive to continue learning more about what you do.

The video we produced for RJ Young shows how offering results before the details on how to reach such goals can drive engagement.

Tell A Tale

Another great way to draw visitors into what you have to say is to tell a story. Brentwood Country Club utilized this tactic when designing their website by introducing their history and background to readers on their landing page. People relate to the imagery and situations stories can arouse. Let’s face it; an entertaining story leaves you salivating to know what happens next.

Storytelling can simplify subject matter that would otherwise be considered extremely complicated by your audience.

Get To The Point

Keeping sentences short and snappy makes your content easily digestible to the reader. It also helps to keep the overall flow and look of the page clean. Remember to chop up larger paragraphs into smaller groups of sentences. It allows the reader absorb your message and brand faster.

Take a look at the website we designed for Aegis Health Group to get an idea of how this approach to laying out your content can work.

Keep Your Content Fresh

If an athlete doesn’t train, practice, and analyze their movements, their performance will soon begin to slip. The same is true of web content. Constantly updating and editing your website’s content will boost your site’s performance and authority.

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