Is Your Website Alive?

Oftentimes we are asked about the lifespan of a website.  This seems like an easy question, however, there is rarely an easy answer.  When we dive into the rationale behind this question, the clients that get it ­are usually the thought leaders in their fields and are open to a conversation rather than a quick answer.

So what’s the rationale?  I recall when a website was a simple shingle to let folks know a company was legitimate and worthy of their business.  That’s it!  It was a set it and forget it mindset due to cost and complicated platforms that only a “web dude” or “IT guy” could edit.  Well that was then, and this is now.

Our brands now are moving ever so quickly.  They are adapting to the needs of clients, competitive landscapes, and innovative technologies. Research is king and clients want to make an educated decision before they pick up a phone or fire off an email.  The days of holding your secret sauce in Grandma’s coffee can are over.  We need to publish and share out the knowledge and details of our brands.

In the world of competition, you never know who else is publishing the very secret sauce you hold tight: the stuff you only share with prospects once you get them in the sales funnel.  You just lost that sale because the other guys had more info on their site, and the client chose them because with that extra information they proved they were thought leaders.  This whole scenario happens fast – max time is 15 minutes, and that lost client bounced in 59 seconds when your website didn’t grab them.

Technology is moving at light speed (news flash) and development platforms are more user-friendly for even the neophytes.  Your website should allow teams of stakeholders to immediately publish or pull down.  Your Content Management System (CMS) must be easy to use.  You should be a part of building the WWW.  This may sound daunting, but I can assure you the wise developer can wrangle code to make this a snap.  If you cannot edit your site in less than 10 minutes there is a problem.

So what’s the lifespan of a website?  That’s your call.  Is your website meeting the business case you made when investing in the build?  Are conversions, followers and clicks meeting your goals?  Does your marketing team (or you) have the ability to update the CMS in moments, or is it an arduous task that only the team that built the site can complete?  Is this site sharing the most recent information your research has to offer?   Do your competitors’ tell their story better, look sexier or make you want to spend more than 59 seconds perusing?  I think you have your answer.

Here at Snapshot we strive to build the best performing websites we can for our clients.  We all know there is no such thing as an evergreen website, however, we can make it so that the editing and updating process is as painless as possible for our clients.

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