Lessons Learned From the Snapshot Interactive Handbook

I am a digital strategy intern here at Snapshot Interactive. As a college student about to enter into the professional world, I desired to work for a company where I would learn more about business practices related to my major, learn about professionalism in a business setting, and learn healthy business practices of a thriving company. Perusing Snapshot Interactive’s website, looking at their social media, and researching their work made me excited about my internship before it even started. Now, I have experienced life at this company for six months. Within this time period, I discerned multiple distinctive differences, which set Snapshot Interactive above the crowd and makes it the exciting company it is.

Passion is Key

In the past, I worked at a company or two where the atmosphere is lifeless. Employees had little to no excitement about where they worked or what they produced. This is not the case with Snapshot Interactive. Snapshot Interactive is a dynamic, driven, collaborative company always going the extra mile to meet or exceed customer expectations. Each employee believes in this company and what we can accomplish. People here have a drive for success and a drive to excel in their work and every person is passionate about taking this business to the next level. This is why everything Snapshot Interactive produces is of “sizzle reel” quality. Passion is fuel for creativity, fuel for innovation, and fuel for quality. These three attributes permeate Snapshot Interactive as a company and influence the work we produce.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Everyone who works at Snapshot Interactive knows their worth. Every employee is treated with respect, is valued by leadership, and gives their all for this company’s success. It makes a difference when employees feel as if they are a part of an organization rather than tolerated by an organization. Furthermore, the people who work here work well with one another; they have a common drive. People push each other to work hard and efficiently for the well being of the company and our clients. When a company is collectively running towards excellence, odds of achievement are greater than a company whose employees are divided, some pursuing excellence and others content with mediocrity. This is one of the reasons why Snapshot Interactive continues to improve, quarter-to-quarter, and year-to-year.

There is Always Room for Improvement

While passion exists among Snapshot Interactive’s leadership and employees about creating quality work and about placing an emphasis on collaboration and dedication, they always see room for refinement. One of Snapshot Interactive’s core values is “we believe no task is beneath us.” This fosters a mentality of improvement, and when a company sees themselves with a perspective of humility, growth occurs. Growth in the sense of always looking for ways to improve processes and improve the quality of work Snapshot Interactive delivers. Trends evolve, markets change, and each customer we serve brings a unique need for Snapshot Interactive to fulfill. Because this company actively looks for ways to improve, it creates a competitive edge because we notice immediately when trends evolve, when markets change, and when clients desire new or altered services to meet their business’s needs. This keeps Snapshot Interactive ahead of the game and furthers us along our path of improvement (which increases profits).

From the perspective of a college student, Snapshot Interactive implements a business strategy that works. They have a passion for what they do, hire people who will work hard for something they believe in, and always seek to better their operations. Culture sets the tone for a business, and the culture here is thriving. I feel extremely blessed Snapshot Interactive is a part of my higher education, and am excited to continue on my internship journey.