Importance of Having Brand Guidelines for Your Business

Brand guidelines are a set of rules that help a company create a unified personality through different elements within the brand, and they are essential to any business. They are able to communicate an array of messages not only to your customers but also internally to your employees. Brand guidelines are a fantastic way to show everyone how the brand is to be represented. Brand guidelines are also quite useful when a company is looking to re-brand or if you are starting a new company overall. These guidelines are the way for a company to communicate with its current and prospective customers.


Whenever consumers visit your website, receives your promotional mail, or opens an email from you, they are instantly obtaining a perception of your company. It is highly important that all of the elements are consistent across the board. When this is done well, consumers should be able to instantly recognize anything your company is sending them. Consistency is also a key factor on the internal side of things. Brand consistency helps employees contribute to the overall identity they are trying to portray to the public.


It is no secret that having a recognizable brand does wonders for a business. Keeping your brand guidelines consistent allows your brand to be more immediately and easily recognizable within your industry and more importantly, with your target audience. Establishing a recognizable brand may take a lot of time, but your brand can be quickly differentiated from others by closely following your brand guidelines.


Brand guidelines are composed of rules on how to use your brand’s set of visual elements such as logos and typography. These rules will include when to use certain elements together when to not use an element at all, and everything in between. A set of standards can also help new employees who may not fully understand the brand yet. Brand guidelines are an extremely valuable tool for your employees to use to ensure that your brand is cohesive.


When brand guidelines are strong and consistent, the perceived value of the brand soars. Consistency shows professionalism, as well as reliability to your customers. This makes consumers begin to view your company and brand as one they can trust for years to come. Implementing brand guidelines makes it much easier to manage the overall integrity and quality of your brand’s public image.

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