How to Create a Website That Generates Leads

A company’s website may possibly be their most significant marketing tool. Think about it. A website serves as the “face” of a company in the digital realm; people go to sites to figure out what companies offer and who they are, and then from there, people decide whether or not they do business with a company. Websites are a big deal, not only for marketing purposes but for the entire well-being of a company. That’s why it is essential to design a website in such a way that focuses on lead generation, which ultimately leads to sales. As a digital agency, website design is our forte; building an effective website that generates leads is what we do. Here is a list of objectives from our past experiences to keep in mind when you create your website.

Think About Your Goals

When designing and building a website, your efforts should not be a shot in the dark. Before creating your website, it is important to sit down and actually think about what you want your website to accomplish. Defining goals for your website serves as a guide for developers to physically build your website. Discovering and setting your goals will also cut down on various website revisions–ultimately saving you time and money–because it takes a lot of the guessing game out of website design when you know exactly what you want. Think about your goals as blueprints for your website. When you know exactly what you want the goals of your website to be, you can then specifically design different components of your website to accomplish your desired goals and generate leads.

Make Your Website User-Friendly

The second step in generating leads is making sure people stay on your website long enough to follow your call to action. We’ve all experienced it; we visit a website with hopes to find what we are looking for but then leave frustrated because the website is not user-friendly. It is aggravating to waste time on a site that appears no one has invested any time in making it simple and easy to use. Before launching your website, make sure the layout is not confusing and the information is relayed concisely; make sure people can find what they want to in little time. This includes making your website mobile friendly. More and more people use their phones to browse the Internet. If your company doesn’t factor in how a mobile interface will change the layout of your website, this can lead to lost business. Test a website’s layout on your phone before it is launched so leads can be obtained on a mobile device as well as on a desktop.

Track What Works and What Doesn’t

Knowledge is power. Possessing a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to generating leads is a powerful thing. This data prompts you to analyze your marketing strategies and make adjustments if needed. You can then alter content or promotions to be more precise and effective. Another objective you should have when attempting to prompt leads is to have a solid SEO (search engine optimization) rank; make sure your website is optimized to rank high in SEO. SEO is a powerful and necessary method to draw in new leads.

Create Engaging Content

Have an arsenal of content on your website which adds value to your customers and potential customers lives. Incorporate interesting content on your website such as blog posts, videos, FAQ’s, ebooks, podcasts, etc; creating different outlets to obtain leads is the goal. This keeps customers coming back and acts as an incentive for potential customers to give your company their information. Do not only incorporate interesting content on your website but also connect your social channels to your website. This way your customers and potential customers can find your social channels easily and have the chance to follow your company. When people follow your company on social channels, they become aware of future promotions, new content, and the on-goings of your company designed to produce leads. If they have not already done so, they are more likely give you their information because of the trust built up by seeing your brand on the Internet over time.

At Snapshot Interactive, we know the power a well-designed website can have on a business. We hope these few pointers can be of some help to you when it comes to designing a website that will generate leads. If you have any further questions or would like to collaborate on a project with us, we’d love to hear from you!