Facebook Advertising Tricks You May Not Know About

There are a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to launching a successful Facebook ad. The purpose of this blog is to outline some of the advertising capabilities when it comes to targeting, monitoring and analyzing your ads.

Install the Pixel and Add Custom Events

Installing your Facebook pixel is the first step you should take when it comes to launching your Facebook ads. The pixel helps to track specific events on your ads such as landing page views, conversions to purchase, application submissions, filling out a contact form, and really any action you are wanting someone to take from your ads. Say you want to run an ad with the objective being landing page traffic. The goal here would not only be directing people to the page but also having those people fill out a form on the page. You can place your custom pixel on your page and start tracking exactly how many people viewed the page, as well as how many form submissions were made. This is not only good for your knowledge but shows that your ad is generating results for your client.

Custom Audiences

Want to reach people who already have a relationship with your business? You can with a custom audience. You can create these audiences through existing files such as your mailing list or a list of people that are current or past clients. Facebook will match the data from your files so the ads reach your targeted audience. You can also make an audience based off of website traffic. Perhaps you want your ad to be viewed by people that have visited your website within the past 90 days, or maybe you want to target people that have engaged with your content on Facebook or Instagram. This is all possible with your custom audience.

Utilize Lookalike Audiences

The point of a lookalike audience is to reach people that “look like” those who already have a relationship with your business. You can create lookalike audiences from a custom audience you previously created, whether it is engagement focused, web traffic focused, or even those who have watched a particular video on your page. Just remember that you have to have made a specific custom audience first!

Make Sure You Have Correct Image Sizes

When it comes to where you place your ads, you can get pretty selective. It’s important to remember that if you are launching a carousel ad that your images are all the right size as they show up as squares in the carousel, not a rectangle. If you are placing your creative content on Instagram stories, you need to make sure that the image or video is sized correctly there, otherwise, it will not fill the whole screen.

Think you want to try advertising on Facebook? Let us know. We can help you get in front of the right audience and come up with a customized plan for you and your business.