Debunking WordPress Myths

When a company sets out to build their website, the first step is often choosing a Content Management System (CMS) to work with. This can be challenging, as there are plenty out there to pick from, but we decided to make this easier for our clients by shedding some light on our top pick, WordPress! Time to debunk some WordPress Myths.

The WordPress community is one of the largest in the world, with thousands of unique plugins and developers. It is the CMS of choice for companies that value ease of use and scalability. With over 60 million websites currently supported on WordPress, it is also used by over a quarter of the top 10 million websites online. The vast community of resources helps enormously when integrating third-party services. If you think of it, it’s probably already been built for WordPress.

There is a myth cloud circling WordPress as a CMS. People think that it is only for blogging, it is insecure, it is slow, or it isn’t device responsive. We’re here to assure you that these are all false!

  • WordPress is for so much more than blogging. It has evolved into a powerful CMS that some of the world’s biggest brands use to run their businesses.
  • WordPress is as secure, if not more so, than other CMS tools. It has been around for 10 years and continues to bring tougher security measures with each update.
  • WordPress is not slow! It uses the very best web standards and semantic XHTML so you can be assured it’s fast to setup and use.
  • WordPress has responsive themes you can use for your site, you can use mobile plugins, or you can create a mobile-friendly version of your site!
  • WordPress is scalable and ready to grow with your business. When you have adequate server resources, it will support any amount of traffic you generate.

A few companies using WordPress include:

  • The Walt Disney Company
  • General Electric
  • Sony Music
  • Yahoo
  • Xerox
  • Best Buy

It’s important to work in tandem with WordPress’ user-friendly interface, and create a template that is easy to implement and to add new content. WordPress allows you to create custom fields, which means you can be highly organized even with a complex site. Content is no longer hidden or hard to find on the backend, but can be organized by type and easy to edit.

Our team at Snapshot lives and breathes WordPress, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about it and debunk more WordPress myths any time! Happy WordPress-ing.