4 Reasons You Need Video Marketing

Whether you are a large corporation or a startup, there are many reasons why you should be incorporating video into your marketing strategy. In fact, 54% of consumers say they want to see more videos from brands in comparison to email newsletters (HubSpot). On social media, video almost always performs better than just images or no visuals at all as they are more engaging. There are four main reasons we believe video marketing is awesome for businesses.

It’s Thorough

Video is great to help explain processes, feature a new product, and train, among many other purposes. With video, you are able to get more information out there in less than 30 seconds opposed to reading a written article about the same topic. Most people retain more information from watching a video than if they were to read information as well. In addition, video marketing helps with brand recognition, and who doesn’t want their brand to be recognized?

If you have trouble explaining information in a regular video, animation videos might be an alternative solution as well.

Mobile Friendly

Video performs well on both desktop computers and on mobile devices. You have to admit that you have probably watched a video on your phone a time or two, right? No matter where a customer is online, they are likely watching videos. Since videos are so mobile friendly and many people use mobile devices, the audience watching these videos is also growing rapidly, which is great for brands.

Ranks Higher in Google

Businesses that use videos in their marketing strategy tend to see an increase in traffic, too. If video is embedded on your website, you are more likely to show up higher in Google searches. It’s always important that you give your videos interesting titles and descriptions, though. This is for SEO search purposes. Videos also help increase your business’ SEO ranking in Google if you incorporate this into your strategy.

Offers Best ROI

How many times have you watched a video about a product or service, then used said product or service? Probably a time or two. For businesses, if potential clients see a video that shows the value of the service they are offering, they are going to be more likely to use your service or do business with you. 49% of marketers who use video grow revenue faster than non-video users (Impact).

Are you using video in your marketing strategy? If not, why aren’t you? No matter what, there is probably room for video within your business. If we can help you make this happen, let us know.